Feed the Hungry

A WebQuest about Hunger for High School Students
by Beth Tobin

The Process:  The work for this project should be done in groups four.  Phase 1 should be worked together.  For the other three phases you will do individual work and then come back together to share what you have  learned and come to conclusions.

Phase 1:  In this phase you will work together to research the reality of hunger in our world today.  Answer these questions about hunger:

  1. Is there enough food in the world to feed every body?

  2. What are three of the causes of hunger?

  3. Who is hungry in our world?  in our country?

  4. What are the consequences of hunger in children?

  5. What programs are attempting to alleviate hunger?

  6. What chance do children have to escape poverty?

  7. What does it mean to say there is inequality in consumption?

Search the following sites:











Phase 2 The following agencies are working to alleviate hunger in our world.  Each person in the group should take one agency and read about the work that they do.  Does your agency deal more with charity or justice?  How effective do you think the agency is at alleviating hunger? As a group come up with a list of criterion for an effective agency.  Come to consensus as a group as to which agency is the most effective and explain why you chose that agency.     

    Feeding America 

    World Hunger Year

    National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness 

    Bread for the World

    World Food Program

Phase 3The Church has taught that we need to work to ensure justice in our world.  Justice includes seeing to it that all people have the basic necessities of life, including food.  This teaching is contained in the greater body of teaching known as Catholic Social Teaching.  The seven themes of this teaching are found here http://osjspm.org/major_themes.aspx   Read over the themes.  Now working with the same agency that you evaluated in Phase 2, evaluate the agency on how well it embraces the seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching.  Themes of Catholic Social Teaching  Your response should be in a chart as follows:


Embrace Theme?



You can cut and paste this chart into a word document and fill in the blanks sections.  Your final product will have four charts, one for each agency.

Phase 4:  This final phase is the creative part of the WebQuest.  Now that you know all about hunger, the reason for it and several  responses to it, you are to design a lesson plan to teach the student body about hunger.  As part of the lesson you should include either a:



Power Point Presentation

Your lesson should include information about the reality of, reasons for, and responses to hunger.  For this part of the project you should each take a role to do the work.  

The Nutritionist should work with the effects of hunger, particularly on children.  This role will work primarily with the reality and reasons for hunger.  He/she will become the person who makes sure that the information presented is accurate and current.

The Teacher will research various teaching methods and decide which to use and put together a lesson plan.  It will be your task to determine how to use the creative visual in the context of a classroom setting.  You should have a list of activities you will do with the students including: an opening prayer, presentation of information and the creative visual.

The Politician will be responsible to discuss the responses to hunger.  He/she should investigate the political, legal and economic factors contributing to the country's hunger problems.  This person will be working primarily on the current responses to hunger in our country.

The Designer will work at the creative presentation of the project.  This person will use the information from the other three roles to design the website, pamphlet or Power Point Presentation.  For instance if the Teacher decides to have the students take a quiz about the facts of hunger, the Designer will create the quiz on the web site or on Power Point.  

The Relief Worker will provide "first hand" information about the face of hunger.  Describe a person/family who is effected by hunger and what a typical day might be like for them.   This is the story part of the presentation. You can find a real one, or make one up based on your research.  A graphic would be helpful here.

Your group will have to work separately and together to accomplish the task of creating a creative lesson plan for students.  Remember to consider how you learn best and what you consider an effective approach to teaching.  You must also consider the time restraint of one class period and the number of students involved.  You will present your lesson to our class before going out to others.


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